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CFA Advisory Board Member, Chuck Whited, Travels to Florence, Italy

Published November 15, 2018

With a destination as beautiful and cultured as Florence, Italy, it’s hard to imagine this trip could have gotten any better for the students and faculty visiting the study center so close to the downtown area of Florence; that is, until Director Frank Nero came into the picture.

Frank treated all of the visitors to this thriving city with care, familiarity, and comfortability; making the students and faculty feel more like family members than tourists. Not only is Frank the director of the Study Center in Florence, Italy but, he is also an Alumna of the great programs Florida State University has to offer.

Every year the Art History Department offers two of their Doctoral students the amazing opportunity to teach a summer semester in Florence, giving them the chance to get up close and personal with the rich history of art the city has to offer.

Realization: Many of the students participating in these trips are not College of Fine Arts or Department of Art History students at all, many tag along on the trip to Florence in pursuit of electives and memories to last a lifetime.

Pictures can’t truly show the beauty and culture that Florence has to offer. See the gallery below for images from the Summer 2018 visit to the Florence Study Center.